About Us


We like to say that Gaiamed is a collective of medical cannabis experts, passionate growers and entrepreneurs, working on a singular mission: Creating affordable, high-quality, world-class cannabis products.


Through an innovative approach, it gave access to thousands of patients to treatments with varied phytocannabinoids extracted from the most exclusive and highest quality strains.


Our hand-selected products and single-source concentrates have attracted cannabis product connoisseurs, researchers and patients from around the world.


No matter how much we grow, we will always be a small company of dedicated experts trying to create a new concept in health and wellness using natural cannabis-based medicines And we are proud to inspire the next generation in the use of natural medicines with more treatments effective and generating a better and higher quality of life.


Miami-based Gaiamed uses patented and highly bioavailable ingredients for fast and efficient absorption.


In a market highly geared solely to commercial profitability, Gaiamed provides patients with collaborative formulations, contributing deep in-house formulation expertise and innovative cannabinoid technologies to help prescribers deliver more efficient and healthier treatment to their patients.


Our expertise lies in two areas: proprietary ingredients and product development.


We work with you every step of the way. Our team of experts can help both the Physician and/or Dentist who already prescribes and the healthcare professionals who are interested and would like to know how to prescribe targeted products to ensure scalability, reliability, stability and consistency before going to the patient.


From testing to production, we work with expert manufacturing partners who reflect our quality standards to ensure your final product is of the highest quality.


What sets Gaiamed apart?


Gaiamed is committed to bringing doctors and patients the highest grade of all natural phytocannabinoid products available, so they can enjoy all the plant's natural benefits, worry-free.


In a confusing market with questionable products, we bring you natural, American-made products you can trust. Gaiamed adheres to the highest standards of testing and quality control to ensure quality and purity at all times.


Our compromise


At Gaiamed, we believe that patient and prescriber care are our top priorities. Each of our products is made with a few simple ingredients, using only medical cannabis grown in the United States of America. Each of our products is produced in GMP certified facilities, approved and certified in the United States of America following the highest standards of production and quality. Each product is tested in an ISO/IEC 17025 certified third-party laboratory. We believe in every product we sell and adhere to the highest standards to be a brand you can trust.


Our values


Innovative and quality products, fair and transparent prices.


At Gaiamed the price is correct. We want to work with our patients for the long term and expand access to Gaiamed products, fairly and in partnership.


We care and we get involved. We think together with our doctors and patients, we are competent consultants and we want to surprise them with intelligent and accessible solutions. We value personal contact, we are realistic and we speak clearly.


Transparency and Reliability


You can trust Gaiamed! We have in-depth knowledge of our products and ingredients, a lot of experience and high standards for ourselves. When we give recommendations, we do so openly and honestly. And when we promise, we deliver.


Fast Processing 


We are efficient and flexible. We're there when you need us - even on short notice. For this, we guide our organization and our processes.


We are able to fulfill our patients' wishes in the shortest possible time and complete all orders in an uncomplicated and fast manner.


Single Source


We want to be your reference for all topics and tasks related to medical cannabis and cannabis-based products. With our team of consulting experts, we know what we're talking about. In terms of service and technology, we are constantly evolving to combine modern and innovative thinking with perfection to offer you the best and most complete service.


Ecology & Economy in harmony


Our values ​​are consistent. The focus is always on people, patients and doctors, nature and innovation – and that is the secret of our success.


The demand for sustainable and healthy products has never been greater. We are convinced that medical cannabis meets the demands of our time and is of inestimable value to people and our planet. Foods made from cannabis are suitable for a healthy and conscious lifestyle. The cultivation of medicinal cannabis contributes to the improvement of our climate. Cannabis is a carbon (CO2) “kidnaper” plant: for every ton of cannabis cultivated, about 1.63 tons of CO2 are absorbed.


Every decision we make is influenced by how it affects the community and environment around us.